Our Team

Our Team

Lauren Gervais


Lauren is among a small but elite group of senior field research specialists in Western Canada. She began her career in 1982 at Angus Reid as National Field Coordinator. Under her direction, the Angus Reid field offices grew in number from two to twelve. During this time, Ms. Gervais earned industry-wide respect for her extensive knowledge in research and for her ability to coordinate and manage numerous (sometimes upwards of 200) projects every week.

In 1996, Lauren founded her own data collection company. Since then, DataProbe has grown from a small pen and pencil shop, to a fully equipped CATI assisted facility.

Drawing on her personal and career experiences, Lauren has created a unique and energetic company that truly offers the best in quality research. Lauren holds a BA in Research Methods and Business Administration from the University of Winnipeg. She also has her CMRP designation and is an active member of the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA) and its American affiliate the Market Research Association (MRA).

Email Lauren at: lauren@dataprobe.ca

Bev Everett

Director of Operations

Bev Everett has over 15 years of industry experience. From 1986 – 1992 she worked at Angus Reid; first in the National Field Department and then as a Data Analyst. In 1998, Bev became the Director of Operations at DataProbe.

Her considerable experience in both field and data programming and analysis has given Bev a distinct understanding of how the technical and field aspects of research interact. This has proven to be invaluable to the smooth and efficient operation of our projects – Bev’s department often heads off problems before they start!

Bev oversees all quality assurance control measures. As Director of Operations, she provides a number of services including: multi-variate analysis, scripting, data analysis and processing, CATI programming, sample management and coding and tabulation management. Bev’s extensive knowledge of our CATI software has made her indispensable to our company and our clients.

Bev has a BA in Psychology and English with a specialty in statistics and Market Research Methodologies from Guelph University in Ontario.

Email Bev at: bev@dataprobe.ca

Nav Ghundhu

Field Coordinator

Nav Ghundhu has been involved in the call center/market research industry since 1999. She joined the team at DataProbe in 2003 and has worked in several capacities from Telephone Interviewer to Quality Assurance Monitor and Supervisor.

Nav’s has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Developmental Studies from the University of Winnipeg.

Email Nav at: nav@dataprobe.ca

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Our Supervisory Team

Our supervisory team quite simply ranks among the best in the industry. Most of our field supervisors have spent considerable time as telephone interviewers prior to taking on their supervisory roles. This has given them a unique perspective on the requirements and needs of our interviewers along with an understanding of what is needed to run a phone room that produces reliable, quality results.

All DataProbe supervisors undergo extensive training on the principles of Market Research and are highly proficient in data management and CATI software. Most of our supervisors have university backgrounds and several are currently advancing their studies in Research Methodologies.

Our Interviewing Team

All Dataprobe interviewers are fully trained to perform their tasks according to the standards set by the MRIA and MRA. Upon passing an initial screening process, our interviewers take part in an interactive training program that delivers the fundamental data collection principles with rigor and consistency. This is followed by a 40-hour online assessment program where they are intensively monitored and receive continual verbal and written feedback.

Beyond the initial 40 hours, our interviewers are regularly monitored using software that allows us to see and hear surveys as they unfold in real time. On each occasion, our interviewers receive immediate and formal skills evaluations, which become part of their performance record.

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