Services – Data Management and Analysis


Data Management and Analysis

Our Data Management and Analysis Department is second to none


All of our code lists are submitted for client review and approval prior to being finalized. Open ended questions are meticulously coded to avoid large ambiguous “other” categories. Coding can be done while the project is in field so that the turnaround time is reduced. This is advantageous for clients who need preliminary results on their data.

Data Entry

DataProbe provides keypunching services for projects that do not go through our CATI system. The data can be keypunched into any program specified by the client. We also offer verification services for quality control.

Data Analysis

We offer a range of analytical services. From simple cross tabs to in-depth statistical analysis, we transform survey data into actionable information. We can also provide preliminary data findings at agreed upon intervals so that you can keep tabs on the results.


Our scripting services can be completed using a number of software and database programs. Before going in to field, all of our script work is verified through pretests. Clients can listen in on the pretesting process from the comfort of their office by using our remote audio technology system.

CATI Programming and Support

Our programming team has extensive CATI Programming experience. Our Data Management and Analysis Department can provide clients with technical support and solutions for complex program demands.

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