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Service Capabilities

We offer a full range of data collection and analysis services

Telephone Interviewing

While it’s typical for most field rooms to experience high employee turnover rates, our interviewers average 2-3 years of interviewing experience. Currently all our stations are internet enabled, allowing our trained staff to offer you support from your own server or ours.

Multilingual Interviewing

DataProbe provides translation and interviewing services in most major languages. We conduct surveys all over the world, 24-7, in over 15 languages including English, French, Spanish, Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Finnish, German, Portuguese and Japanese.

Executive/Medical Interviewing

DataProbe has a specialized team of Executive Interviewers who work extensively in medical/pharmaceutical, agricultural and business industries. This team is well versed in conducting business to business studies with respondents from all levels of management, professional environments and government groups.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

As a data collection tool, IVR technology can help reduce both the cost of collecting data and the time needed to gather the responses. This methodology is particularly suited for any study where the respondent can be recruited to participate (i.e. customer/client satisfaction or employee surveys). IVR surveys are generally close-ended and no more than 5 minutes in length. Respondents are asked (in person, by email, mail or by phone) to participate by calling a toll-free number. When they call, they hear pre-recorded instructions that guide them through the survey and they respond to the questions using a touch-tone telephone.

Sound File Advertising Testing

We have the capabilities to run sound files through our software system. This program is useful for testing radio ads and other sound file programs.

Focus Group Recruiting and Moderating

Whether through client supplied lists, cold calls or referrals, our team of recruiters approach each study with integrity, enthusiasm and professionalism. We are guided by the mandate to recruit quality participants. We also have extensive experience moderating focus groups in a broad range of industry sectors.

In Person Intercepts, Mall Intercepts, Door to Door Surveys and Mystery Shopping

Sometimes the best and only way to conduct a study is in person. Whether your study calls for one-on-one executive interviewing, mall intercepts or door-to-door surveys, we have the right data collection tools and more importantly, we have highly trained interviewing staff who are committed to gathering insightful and actionable research information.

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